adidas Consortium

Releasing this Wednesday: adidas Consortium A//D Pack – Adistar Comp & TwinStrike

Adistar Comp A//D + TwinStrike A//D / A//D Pack
– Futuristic design –
– Classic Colorways –
– Inspired by the archive –

CQ1867_LATLEFTCQ1866_LATLEFTHerzogenaurach, October 2017

For the latest drop of A//D Parallel Dimension, adidas Originals presents two new iterations of Adistar Comp A//D + TwinStrike A//D silhouettes in a new grey color palette.
The brand takes things back to the early days telling the story of the discovery of an alternate Universe following the appearance of a massive black-hole in outer space. In this new expedition into the parallel dimension, researchers find that the two worlds are virtually identical, with the exception of minor aesthetic differences.

The latest drop of A//D Parallel Dimension redefines Adistar Comp A//D + TwinStrike A//D silhouettes in an updated execution through material and colors.CQ1867_DET_BackCQ1866_DET_Back

First up, the Twinstrike A//D is constructed with Climacool mesh, premium suede, glossy leathers and reflective details are combined in a striking, futuristic design, finished with a complex ergonomic lacing system for optimum fit.CQ1866_LATPAIR

The Adistar Comp A//D features a similar material construction of Climacool mesh and premium suede atop the original tooling of its namesake, whilst the shoe’s lacing system is defined by webbing tape panels across the vamp and sides.
Both shoes feature a wealth of details alluding to the interdimensional explorations that led to their discovery – including a number that require closer inspection to uncover. CQ1867_LATPAIR
The new color ways will be released on Wednesday 25th of October @ 10:00.

adidas Consortium x Kasina – Superstar BOOST release 21st OCT 11:00

adidas Consortium x Kasina – Superstar BOOST
– White-clad luxury Superstars –
– A homage to Korea’s artisanal past –
– Leather shelltoe, semi-concealed BOOST™ –
– Postmodern classics –


Seoul, October 2017

Kasina is one of the driving forces behind modern Koreas’s thriving streetwear scene. Founded in Busan in 1997, Kasina has since opened stores across the country and overseen the nation’s emergence on the international style stage. Over the past two decades, Kasina and adidas have become frequent collaborators – in May 2016, the adidas concept shop ‘DAS 107 by Kasina’ opened in Seoul’s Hongdae neighborhood.

While the store is a thoroughly contemporary space, the new Kasina Superstar BOOST looks towards both Korea’s heritage and the adidas archive for references. It commemorates the retailer’s 20th anniversary and the opening of its new retail location “1997”.


The major inspiration comes from “Taesahae”, a traditional form of footwear built by craftsmen and worn by Korean noblemen for several centuries. Elegant and clean, Taesahae are normally made from black and white leather with exposed stitching attaching the upper to the sole. Kasina seeks to mirror the Taesahae’s luxury with this Superstar.

The original Superstar is a classic, its unmistakable rubber shell toe makes it instantly recognizable. Here, Kasina subtly alters the model, the bone white upper is made with lavish nubuck and the shell toe is constructed from the same soft, meticulously tanned leather – replacing the signature rubber cap. A welted leather band outlines the iconic Superstar silhouette and its 3-Stripes branding only appears as tonal stitching on both sides.


The gum sole features a contrasting white seam similar to the Taesahae and is fitted with a BOOST™ midsole to provide modern comfort and cushioning. This juxtaposition captures a central aspect of Korean life: historically referred to as “The white-clad folk”, Korea is a country of rich tradition. However technology, innovation and economic growth has turned its cities into advanced metropolises; modern Korea is a nation where history and the cutting-edge often sit side by side.


A prominent embellishment on the Superstar is the eyelet at the top of the tongue. Made from reddish acetate, it is a nod to mother-of-pearl – the iridescent substance often used for buttons in Korean clothing and furniture design.

Kasina’s Superstar BOOST perfectly demonstrates how a collaborator can breathe new life into a classic model with an already long and fabled history. By exploring Korea’s sartorial heritage, Kasina has helped create outstanding contemporary casual footwear.


Sizes us 8,5-11 // 160€

– bone white nubuck leather upper with stitched 3-Stripe branding

– “1997” embroidery at heel

– bone white nubuck leather shell toe

– co-branded leather tongue labels with acetate eyelets

– light brown colored leather lining and co-branded leather insoles

– gum outsole with internal BOOST™cushioning technology

– contrasting outsole stitching and welting strip

– visible exposed BOOST™ medial panel

– flat cotton laces

Release SAT 21st of OCT!!!


Next Up in adidas Consortium Sneaker Exchange: United Arrows & Sons x Slam Jam

adidas Consortium Sneaker Exchange – United Arrows & Sons x Slam Jam

– Luxury Suite –

– IKEUCHI ORGANIC Campus and Alcantara® Gazelle

– An Italian-Japanese collaboration nodding to another from the past –

– Understated, low-key elegance –Consortium_UA&SxSJ_Instagram_Concept_Shot_1

Tokyo & Ferrara – May 2017

Japan’s United Arrows & Sons and Italy’s Slam Jam were both established in 1989. Since then, United Arrows & Sons has opened 100 stores throughout Japan while Slam Jam has grown into a European menswear institution with stores in Ferrara and Milan. Both retailers have become the standard-bearers for contemporary fashion in their home countries.

As partner in the Sneaker Exchange 2017, adidas Consortium chall enged the two to communicate, collaborate and discover common ground up on which to deliver a sneaker pack. An early conversation topic was construction, and in particular, the textiles used to make great footwear. Together, United Arrows & Sons and Slam Jam present two luxury leisure shoes: a Gazelle and a Campus, each created using materials with a regional context and locally-sourced materials. The execution is experimental – an exploration in how repurposing high- quality textiles can result in outstanding sneakers.Consortium_UA&SxSJ_Instagram_Concept_Shot_2

The Campus is the opulent of the duo with an all-white upper. The 100% organic cotton used here is a reference to high-quality Japanese IKEUCHI ORGANIC towelling. The area around the ankle and its interior are also made of terry cloth, giving it a ruffled, distressed appearance with a luxury feel. In Japan it is customary to remove your outdoor shoes upon entering a house. With these Campus one gets the “always at home” feeling. They are even softer than most indoor slippers.


IKEUCHI ORGANIC towelling is used again on the interior of the off-white Gazelle. Its upper is made of Alcantara®, the high-quality and innovative material utilised across countless applications. Founded in 1972 by a joint-venture between Japanese and Italian companies, Alcantara® represents one of the leading Made in Italy brands with a contemporary lifestyle approach. United Arrows & Sons’ design partnership with Slam Jam nods back to a previous collaboration between two companies from their respective nations. There is further modification: replacing the original Gazelle tongue w ith a ribbed Samba tongue leads to a hybrid that – given the choice of materials – still works harmoniously.Consortium_UA&SxSJ_Instagram_Concept_Shot_4

While materials and colours are subtle, branding on both models is eye-catching. Besides logo detailing on the tongue labels, “United Arrows & Sons and Slam Jam” appears on the white Campus’ outsole and laces, while “Gazelle” and “Gat-zelle” – the original Japanese name for the model –  is printed on either side of its off-white counterpart.

Understated with subtle low-key elegance, Japan and Italy shake hands via this highly conceptual sneaker pack.Consortium_UA&SxSJ_Instagram_Concept_Shot_5

Releasing this Sat 7th of October @ 11:00

US 8,5 -11,5


No reservations

This Saturday adidas Consortium Sneaker Exchange presents: Overkill & Fruition – Tubular & EQT


adidas Consortium Sneaker Exchange


-Taipei meets Berlin-

-Elegance, rebellion and classic couture-

-The evolution of women’s footwear-

– Tweed Tubular, velour EQT –


Berlin & Taipei – September 2017

adidas Consortium is excited to unveil the latest instalment of the Sneaker Exchange 2017, a collaboration between OVERKILL and FRUITION celebrating contemporary womanhood, high fashion and the evolving nature of female sneakers.

In recent years, the women’s footwear market has evolved hugely. Today’s sneakers must convey elegance and femininity while remaining both comfortable and highly wearable. To meet this demand, more and more female-exclusive retailers have emerged. This edition of the Sneaker Exchange 2017 brings two of those retailers together. Taipei-based store FRUITION is paired with Germany’s OVERKILL – a long-term fixture on the global sneaker scene which recently opened a women’s branch in its native Berlin-Kreuzberg.


Prior to the Sneaker Exchange 2017, the two stores had never interacted. adidas Consortium challenged them to overcome cultural differences, a language-barrier and almost 9,000 km in distance to begin a dialogue, discover common ground and deliver a bold, exciting sneaker pack. Together FRUITION and OVERKILL present a true highlight of the Consortium calendar.

The pack takes the EQT Lacing and the Tubular Doom and portrays them in a fresh light. FRUITION and OVERKILL discussed use of tweed in iconic French couture, determining to express this through colorway and fabric choices for their collaborative design. Further, both partners communicated a strong desire to create footwear that articulates rebellion, individuality and empowerment. The overall aim was to juxtapose high fashion with the energy of modern womanhood.


The EQT Lacing is constructed using plush velour with a translucent out sole. Its satin finish implies femininity and the overall model captures the rebelliousness the partners strived for. It is the first time a Tubular product has been selected for use in the Sneaker Exchange. Its unmistakable silhouette is the elegant basis for further exploration of the theme. The more avant-garde of the duo, it looks like high concept footwear from the future.


The final result is an outstanding footwear pack, high on individuality with impressive attention to detail. The partners worked alongside Consortium to deliver two models designed to appear striking in isolation but also complement the wearer’s clothing. Both models capture an essence of modern womanhood: elegance, beauty, fierceness and strength, fusing comfort and wearability.

Releasing on Saturday 30th of September @ 11:00

US 5,5 – 8

EQT Lacing Adv – 160€

Tubular Elastics – 150€

No reservations

adidas Consortium x The Good Will Out – NMD CS1 PK release 23.9. 11:00


Cologne, September 2017

adidas Consortium partners with Cologne sneaker store The Good Will Out to deliver a stealthy, monochrome NMD CS1. Opened in 2007, The Good Will Out has spent a decade building its reputation and is today considered among the finest sneaker stores in Europe. Some collaborative partners look to their local areas for inspiration, others pick bright, eye-catching colorways, The Good Will Out has done the complete opposite and – together with adidas Consortium – delivers a blacked out NMD CS1 inspired by Shinobi – the male ninjas of feudal Japan.


Shinobi were often tasked with espionage or assassination and “Ankoku Toshi Jutsu” is their legendary technique which allowed them to see in complete darkness. It would take years to master and required the Shinobi to “see” with their other senses. As well as navigating in the darkness, the Shinobi would have to be enveloped into it, themselves. They moved through the night surreptitiously cloaked in a black garb.


In a contemporary homage to the covert agents of feudal Japan, the NMD CS1 arrives in full-on stealth mode. The upper is constructed from three interconnected Primeknit patterns, all in a single shade of black but with subtly-altering textures. The model’s BOOST™ midsole provides the wearer with further support and cushioning. It is complemented by a rippled outsole which adds extra grip and gives the NMD a tough appearance. The Good Will Out picked a theme for its interpretation of the NMD CS1 that couldn’t fit any better. It suits the current trend of exploring the use of functional apparel and footwear in urban



adidas Consortium x The Good Will Out – NMD CS1 PK

Release this sat the 23rd

– all black, tonal Primeknit upper with gradient color finish

– wrap-around, lace-less sock-like construction

– heel loop tape featuring the claim:



in English and Japanese

– co-branded leather insoles

– all black BOOST™ midsole with black pods

– all black serrated outsole

Sizes us 4,5-11,5 220€

1 pair/customer and no reservations!

Tomorrow 2.9. adidas Consortium x BAIT EQT Support 93/16 & EQT Support Future

Releasing tomorrow @11:00!!!

adidas Consortium x BAIT EQT Support 93/16 & EQT Support Future

– R&D in its DNA –

– Humans meet technology –

– Glow in the dark, reflect in the mirror –

– Primeknit Upper, BOOST™ sole –


San Diego, August 2017

adidas Consortium and US retailer BAIT present two futuristic EQT Support models. Inspired by the relationship between humans and technology, and exploring the convergence of man and machine, the result is a clean, clinical pack with an assortment of smart details.

Since the opening of its first store in 2011, BAIT has made a big impact and grown quickly. There are currently eight BAIT stores stretching up the West Coast from Southern California to Seattle, Washington, Colorado, and next up Hawaii.

BAIT’s decision to link the design of its pack to state-of-the-art research and development feels highly apt. While in 2017, EQT – original as well as updated – continues to enjoy a renaissance, the models in this range were originally created for performance. They were created during an era when adidas’ R&D obsessed over striking patterns and how best to equip every style of runner with suitable footwear. R&D runs to the very epicenter of the EQT’s DNA – whether it’d be the heritage styles or the next gen models.

The BAIT R&D pack pushes the EQT project further forward than ever before. It combines BAIT’s enthusiasm for futurism with recent technological advancement made by adidas. Neither Primeknit uppers nor BOOSTTM soles were available in the early nineties, when adidas first embarked on the EQT range, but subsequent developments allow to continue, taking classic models to new places.



There are two standout features on both of these EQT Supports by BAIT. One is the highly distinct mesh optimized cage construction, which enhances the shoes’ stability while keeping the upper flexible and the lacing system quick to use. The other is not immediately apparent. It is the skeletal pattern, which reflects in one model and glows in the dark on the other. Low-key flare that is subtle in the day, but makes them total show- stoppers by night.

Smart execution, simple, monochromatic colors, modern technology – put to great use by BAIT on their EQT pack.


EQT Support 93/16

180€ us8-11,5

– sock-like all white Primeknit upper with skeletal grid detailing and glow-in-the-dark threads

– functional mesh cage for enhanced mid-foot support with integrated lacing system

– co-branded tongue labels with metal eyelets

– co-branded leather insoles

– nylon heel tab

– heel counter

– white BOOST™ sole with integrated TORSION® SYSTEM

– white rubber outsole

– lace-jewels


EQT Support Future

220€ us8-11,5

– sock-like all black Primeknit upper with skeletal grid detailing and reflective threads

– functional mesh cage for enhanced mid-foot support with integrated lacing system featuring contrasting red lace loops

– co-branded tongue labels with contrasting red metal eyelets

– co-branded leather insoles

– nylon heel tab

– heel counter

– white BOOST™ midsole with 3-Stripes detailing

– grey rubber outsole

– reflective laces with lace-jewels

1 pair of each/customer no reservations!


adidas Consortium: Highs And Lows – EQT Support Adv Releasing this Sat


adidas Consortium x Highs and Lows EQT Support ADV

– EQT Support ADV gets a premium makeover –

– Performance technology repurposed –

– The final part of the Highs and Lows EQT trilogy –


Perth, Australia, August 2017

This month, adidas Consortium and Highs and Lows complete an EQT trilogy. In 2014, the first collaboration with the Australian footwear retailer resulted in an EQT Guidance 93. In late 2016 Highs and Lows worked on an EQT Support 93 inspired by Frankenstein cars and the Australian outback. Their final installment in the series is a luxurious rendition of the EQT Support ADV.


Highs and Lows is Western Australia’s premier footwear retailer with three boutiques in the geographically remote city of Perth. Now veterans when it comes to working in the EQT range- adidas’ early 1990s performance running line – the team at Highs and Lows demonstrates a masterful execution on this EQT Support ADV. A well-balanced color scheme and sophisticated mix of fabrics and materials is key in any Consortium release. While many collaborations tell a story about inspiration and explain the creative journey towards the final product, for this project the concept is the actual design itself: HAL has refined this model by fine-tuning all visual aspects, by applying the finest details to round off an innately strong and distinct silhouette.


Over the three year period that adidas Consortium and Highs and Lows have been collaborating, the EQT range has enjoyed a real renaissance. The EQT Support ADV is perhaps the most street-ready model due to its profile and clean aesthetic. Here it is elevated to a new height of luxury by Highs and Lows.


Releasing Saturday 26th of August @ 11:00

US 8,5 – 11,5


No reservations & one pair per customer

adidas Consortium x Norse Projects: Terre Agravix & Campus 80s – Releasing this Sat

adidas Consortium x Norse Projects Terrex Agravic & Campus 80s PK

– Inspired by the Danish Outdoors –

– Layers on layers on layers –

– A GORE-TEX® membrane hidden within –

– Black like asphalt, beige like sand –


Copenhagen, August 2017

Norse Projects is among the labels responsible for putting Scandinavia on the international style map. Since launching in 2004, the Copenhagen-based brand has focused on both casual and performance clothing, but here – in an exciting collaboration with adidas Consortium – it turns its attention to footwear.


Using the Terrex – an outdoor pursuits-focused model – and Campus 80s – a lifestyle classic – as templates, Norse Projects has created “Layers” – a sneaker pack influenced heavily by the natural surroundings in its native Denmark.


The small, Danish islands of Fur and Møn are known – in geological circles – for the rock formations visible on their coastal cliffs. The cliffs reveal a cross-section of layers of different rock types compressed over many thousands years, and provide the inspiration for the Terrex. The shoe is constructed using multiple, translucent layers which are welded together to form a strong, hardwearing outer shell. Within the layering is a GORE-TEX® membrane, which provides high-level weather protection; a model designed for (and inspired by) the outdoors.


While the Terrex takes its colorway from light, sandy tones, the Campus 80s is styled on darker asphalt, often found nearer to the surface of the rock formations. Also comprised of a series of layers, the grey accents and textured Primeknit upper serve to create a superb, ultra-low-key casual shoe.


Norse Projects must be praised for its understatement. Together with adidas, the brand has created a version of the Terrex using highly-technical materials and construction but in a subtle manner. The Campus 80s is pure stealth: a casual observer might overlook the details at first glance, but a sneaker connoisseur will definitely pick up on the underplayed style.


Releasing Saturday 19th of August @ 10:00

US  8,5 – 11

Terrex Agravic 170€

Campus 80s 150€

No reservations

adidas Consortium Sneaker Exchange continues on Saturday: Alife & Starcow – Gazelle & Stan Smith


adidas Consortium Sneaker Exchange:

Alife & Starcow

– New York OGs meet Paris OGs –

– Suede Gazelle and leather Stan Smith –

– Low-key patriotism –

– It is hard to beat the classics –


New York & Paris – July 2017

Before the spread of the internet, collaboration was different. Information was exchanged gradually, scenes and subcultures grew slowly and often remained confined to their cities. The original sneaker retailers formed at the heart of these subcultures and did more than simply sell shoes. They became meeting points; places for style, art, music, and urban culture to collide.


New York City’s Alife opened in 1999. Over the past 18 years it has formed a clothing label, grown central to the city’s footwear scene, and helped establish a blueprint for the generation of sneaker boutiques that followed. During a similar time frame, Starcow has achieved comparable status in Paris, where since opening in 2001, it has become the store and hangout for the city’s skate and streetwear community.


adidas Consortium paired them together for the Sneaker Exchange 2017 fully knowing that both partners would dig deep into their huge wealth of knowledge and experience to create a sneaker pack. Together, Alife and Starcow present a suede Gazelle and leather Stan Smith – two style staples stripped right back to the basics.


There is a scrupulous approach to both models: quality materials, clean design and low-key detailing. The Gazelle is delivered in shades of grey, the Stan Smith in white and off-white. The only small injections of color are the red, white and blue of the US “Stars and Stripes” and French “Tricolore” which adorn the heel of both models and are understated, but patriotic nods to each other’s cultures. Placed next to each other, the core idea for this pack becomes evident: the execution on one is inverted on the other. While white leather – embossed with both partner’s logos – appears on the upper of the Stan Smith it was used for the lining on the Gazelle. Conversely, the sand-colored lining of the Stan Smith is the Gazelle’s upper.

This pack celebrates clarity of vision, when executed like this, the classics are hard to beat.


Releasing Sat 29th of July @ 11:00

US 9 – 11,5


No reservations

One pair per customer

Adidas Consortium ”Run Thru Time”: UltraBOOST Mid & Energy Boost releasing Wed July 19th


adidas Consortium Run Thru Time : UltraBOOST Mid & Energy Boost

– A tale of two runners –

– Contemporary technology –

– Classic Colorways –

– Inspired by the archive –


Herzogenaurach, August 2017

From the middle of the 20th century to the present day, adidas has been at the vanguard of performance footwear. Here we present “Run Thru Time” – a contemporary running pack inspired by classic performance silhouettes from the adidas archive. Both the UltraBOOST Mid and the Energy Boost utilize the latest footwear innovations to provide the wearer with stability, comfort and support. The uppers are one-piece Primeknit and the soles use BOOST™ technology. While a cuffed ankle sock on the UltraBOOST Mid provides additional protection, it is the heel cage on the Energy Boost that offers high-level stability. In short, these technical features were only recently made available to both footwear designers and runners themselves.


The high-tech materials used in 2017 may bear little resemblance to the footwear of the past, but at its core each model – over the decades – has carried the same competitive spirit that adidas has built its strong and lasting heritage on. Long distance running was the source for inspiration and the task to to apply modern design- and production principles to create two contemporary interpretations for this supreme discipline.


The colorways pay homage to the Boston Super and the Marathon TR, two road running classics originally constructed in pieces of individually-colored suede and nubuck. For the Run Thru Time pack the classic uppers were revolutionized using Primeknit fabric. Shapes, models and technologies may have changed but quality color combinations remain timeless, they allow us to embrace the future while still celebrating adidas’ past.


UltraBOOST Mid /// US 8 – 11,5 /// 210€

Energy Boost /// US 8,5 – 11 /// 160€

Releasing 19th of July @ 11.00

No reservations & One pair per customer