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For spring 2013, Minimarket are intrigued by Shangri-La, the mythical utopia rumoured to be hidden behind the Himalayas. The sisters have been filling their minds with thoughts about this place – how would the uneven balance of permanent happiness really work? And what would it look like? Minimarket has reached deep into the research depts and found beautiful minerals one could imagine you would find in the mountains around Shangri-La. Various earth observation photos from the area around the Himalayas and old text books on the subject have also inspired and helped building the Shangri-La collection; a collection that would suit both inhabitants and adventurers searching for this place. The collection has an air of vastness, infinity and abstract emotions. The silhouette is A-lined, built in many sheer layers, with a semi-wide pant called Lili used with dresses and skirts.

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