minimum newies in store

Josefine dress 80€

Elvire blouse 50€

Kita jumper 70€

Titta sweat pant 60€

Lots of Minimum SS18 in store!

minimum cianne

Minimum Cianne dress, 90€

minimum janika

Minimum Janika top, 50€

minimum elmy

Minimum Elmy pant, 80€

minimum cabrina

Minimum Cabrina shirt, 60€

Here’s only few examples of latest arrivals, more items in store!

New brand in store: Minimum

We got new brand in our store: Minimum!  Minimum’s philosophy is to create eclectic, scandinavian fashion products of sublime quality – always at the right price. Minimum produces both the versatile classics for the basic wardrobe and the unique, eye catching styles that are perfect for those special occasions.