Nomen Nescio SS18

“Nomen nescio abbreviated to N.N., is used to signify an anonymous or unnamed person. From Latin nomen, name, and nescio, I do not know, it literally means, I do not know the name.”


We have now received our first full delivery from the Finnish unisex brand Nomen Nescio.

Their SS18 collection is filled with colour black with well thought fits and fabrics that you can build your entire wardrobe on!

Shell coat 480€ // Loose pants 160€

Slim pants 160€ // Basic t-shirt 59€ longsleeve 69€

Shell coat 480€

Hooded Smock 220€

Loose Pants in two fabrics: linen mix & wool mix 160€

Slim Pants in wool mix 160€

Basic LS Jersey 69€

Slit Blouse 140€

Basic T-shirt 59€

High turtleneck 170€


These & more pieces available now!