Adidas Consortium Workshop: Falcon & SS2G releasing Wednesday 8th of August

The adidas Consortium ‘Workshop’ is a place for exploring the pure story of adidas Originals:

designed without affiliation or association by the brand’s in-house team, the footwear

showcases their pioneering outside-the-box creative and technical thinking. The resulting

collections are an ode to both the functional innovation and cultural touchstones at the heart of

adidas Originals. The first two Workshop collections, launched at the end of 2017 and beginning

of 2018, each focused on retro-futuristic ‘A//D’ packs. Each pair offered a ‘parallel-dimension’

take on much-loved but little-seen silhouettes of the past, upgrading each with premium,

contemporary details and space-age colourways.

The latest Workshop collection, releasing this August, marks a slight departure from the

previous iterations, A shoe which takes Inspiration from 90s wall street styling and the rigours of

an everyday life to equip the wearer with everything they need. The accompanying campaign

imagery highlights the shoes’ irreverent qualities further, placing them in contrast to a hyper-

refined setting and sharply tailored outfits.

This pack is taking the cross-training genre to a new and rather literal place-asking the question:

what happens if we try to design a shoe drawing on inspiration from all sports? One that draws

on our expertise in basketball, soccer, skating, running, hiking… and pretty much everything

else in-between? The answer is two all-new lifestyle models, the SS2G and the Falcon. Each

pair takes a gleefully unrestrained, anarchic approach to hyper-functional design, incorporating

different iconic elements from past and recent releases. From rugged, outdoors-y functionality to

sleek, primeknit performance; from throwback colour schemes to contemporary, mix-and-match

silhouettes: the SS2G and the Falcon leave wearers prepared for everything and free to do

nothing at all.

SS2G Workshop /// US 8,5 – 11 /// 160€

Falcon Workshop /// US 8 – 11 /// 140€

Releasing on Wednesday 8th of August @ 10:00.