This Sunday is the release date for brand new collection from Calvin Klein under their new Chief Creative Officer, Raf Simons: “CALVIN KLEIN JEANS EST. 1978”.

CALVIN KLEIN JEANS EST. 1978 is a bold and progressive vision of the foundation of American style, fusing the timeless iconography of CALVIN KLEIN’s legacy with the codes of today’s youth culture. Constructed upon a core foundation of clean and sharp unisex fits, the line defines a modern jeans uniform by juxtaposing graphic elements with quintessential silhouettes and American motifs. As relevant as it is authentic, CALVIN KLEIN JEANS EST. 1978 serves as a manifesto of a new era and a new generation of CALVIN KLEIN through the eye of Chief Creative Officer, Raf Simons.

“Narrow”Jeans in two colors in sizes 29-34 ///189€  

Western Shirt in sizes S-XL /// 189€

Trucker Jacket in sizes S-XL /// 209€

Patch Crew in Sizes S-XL /// 159€

Patch Tee in sizes S-XL /// 79€

Releasing  in store on Sunday 15th of July @ 13:00.