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Nomen Nescio Fall collection

“Nomen Nescio is a Helsinki based, gender neutral clothing label, established 2012.

Nomen Nescio designs clothes for people satisfied by minimalist aesthetics and values. In minimalist design, everything excessive is eliminated to highlight the relevant.

The products are anonymous and conform to each user’s needs and backgrounds, strengthening their own personality. The clothes have no external, internal, or applied elements that would point to a specific sex, age or status.”

Nomen Nescio Fall Collection can be found in store: shirts, t-shirts, trousers, jackets and shoes are available from the local brand.

Winter Coat – 600€

Long T-shirt – 65€ , Loose Trousers – 200€ & Leather Shoes – 290€

Basic Jersey – 70€

Slit Blouse – 150€

Long Cardigan – 200€

Wool Sweater – 130€

Low Turtleneck – 180€

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