Care guide for Almada Label’s products – by Almada Label

Cashmere and merino wool are materials that Almada currently uses in the most pieces. They both are long-lasting natural materials that you will be able to wear for years and years forward if you take good care of them.

First of all, do not wash your cashmere & merino wool pieces too often. Let them air between uses and only wash when really needed. If you get a stain on your piece, treat the stained area only so you don’t have to wash the whole piece just because of one little stain.
When you do have to wash your cashmere & merino wool pieces, make sure to use a delicate detergent appropriate for wool. You can either hand wash or machine wash but make sure to use cold water and preferably a dedicated wool program when machine washing. No spinning.

Always let you cashmere & merino wool pieces dry on a flat surface after washing, preferably on a towel. By drying them flat you ensure that the pieces will keep their shape. By hanging them dry they might stretch and loose their form. Never tumble dry, it will shrink the pieces.

The best way to store your cashmere & merino wool pieces is by folding them flat on a shelf or in a drawer. Always avoid hanging them on hangers as it it might stretch the garment causing it loosing its shape. Also keep in mind that you don’t store your knits too tightly as it may cause wrinkles on them.

It is natural for cashmere and wool pieces to pill, especially when the pieces are new. Pilling is most often seen in areas exposed to friction. You can easily remove the pilling with a special pilling comb. After washing and using your cashmere and merino wool pieces a few times the pilling tends to decrease.

To keep your cashmere and merino wool pieces smooth and fresh steam them when needed. We recommend steaming after removing the pilling.

Also good to keep in mind that your cashmere and merino wool pieces in good condition, let them rest once in a while and do not wear the same pieces daily.