Sacai x A.P.C. “INTERACTION#9” – Mar 19

“INTERACTION#9” is a capsule collection created between two acclaimed fashion labels: Sacai and A.P.C.

Sacai, the Japanese house founded in 1999 by Chitose Abe, is famous for their innovative and experimental hybrid clothing.  In the capsule collection Sacai’s experimental take on design merges with the French minimalism of A.P.C., providing new approach to classic wardrobe staples: the collection presents zippered t-shirts and hybrid jackets. Merged are also the two logos, with “SA.P.C.Ai” boldly written across several of the items of the unisex collection.

As A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou explains, “This Interaction is a precise illustration of how A.P.C. and sacai came together, inter-weaving diverse elements of language to achieve a sort of crossbreed that represents the style of our two brands. These pieces are unusual for us, as they push the limits of what we might call ‘wearability’ as far as possible. They are the fruit of a long process of creative deconstruction and reconstruction. We got enormous pleasure from seeing this clothing being taken apart and redesigned”.

Pieces from Sacai x A.P.C. “INTERACTION#9” will be available on Friday, March 19. Wide selection can be found in-store in Beam with also a smaller selection available in Beamhill Helsinki. All pieces will be released also online.

Below you can scroll through our selection from the exciting collaboration.

Shop the complete selection online HERE

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