032C takes us deep into 80s Berlin with their new collection

Berlin-based magazine and apparel brand 032c dives into the 80s underground art scene of their hometown with their Fall/Winter collection.

Radical collective Die Tödliche Doris was active in Berlin’s alternative art scene during the years 1980-1987, creating music and performance art with rebellious and anti-establishment attitude. Using humour, dirty aestethics and androgyny “The Deadly Doris” fought the hierarchy, fascism and the gender norms of their time.

Designed in collaboration with the group’s co-founder Wolfgang Müller, the latest 032c collection feature imagery, lyrics and leitmotifs from Die Tödliche Doris archive together with new material.

Take a look below for the selection available in Beamhill and visit our webshop for the information about the prices and the sizes in stock.

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