Makia x We Got Beef

Makia joins forces with We Got Beef, an institutional bar to Helsinki’s contemporary nightlife scene in years 2003-2017, providing apparell collection celebrating the (in)famous watering hole’s larger-than-life legacy.

Once located on one of the busiest pedestrian streets of Helsinki’s design district Punavuori, WGB substituted as a living room for likeminded people from all areas of life, from local skateboarders to artists, bikers, and thirsty office creatives.

Since the bar closed its doors in 2017, its founder Sacha Remling has relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sacha has kept the bar’s legacy alive by turning it into a personal art project, designing small limited edition print clothing collections for friends and old customers.

Today, Makia helped out to produce a collection of WGB streetwear co-designed by its founder Sacha Remling. The collaboration is a tribute to We Got Beef’s legacy and its customers and consists of limited edition products with prints that draw inspiration from the 90s’ hardcore punk, workwear, and skateboard culture.

Below pieces from Makia x We Got Beef collection are available in-store on September 3rd and online on September 4th.


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